The Sun is Dying and I'm Killing It

from by Bipole Moment

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Thing #912
Made for Can You Obtain One Candy Bar? (


Across this Earth is naught but filth and greed.
There’s only one direction it careens:
a single hot solution that we need,
a guardian we know that cooks and cleans.

Oh Sun! Oh Sun! I can make you soon expand,
and stop the gross putrescence that inhabits all our land!
I pray the day away for you to grow beyond compare,
to purge this wretched planet of its people, sky, and air.
And with your great explosion, rid the Earth of scum that’s filling it. The Sun is dying and I’m killing it.

I see no better irony in place:
it was the Sun that gave us life, and yet
there is no better way to end our race
than have the Sun for one last moment set.

Oh Sun! Oh Sun! Can you please engulf us soon?
Feel free to take the sea and rock, the animals and Moon.
Please take my words not as command, but guidance for the best (and if you want to do it now, well, you can be my guest).
I’ve tried to give the human race a chance but there’s no willing it. The Sun is dying and I’m killing it.


from Year 2: Live from a Remote Lake in Canada, released May 3, 2017



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