Year 2: Live from a Remote Lake in Canada

by Bipole Moment

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3 years ago, I started making something every day and posting it to Tumblr. These are the songs I made from May 3rd, 2016 to May 2nd, 2017 (days 732-1096).


released May 3, 2017



Track Name: Improvisations on Rain
It won't stop raining, it won't stop raining,
it won't stop raining, it won't stop raining,
it won't.
Track Name: I Want To Canoe With You
I want to canoe with you,
down a stream with our backs to the sun.
I want to canoe with you;
bet you've never had such boating fun.

Let's draw a path,
go the way we choose,
hop in for a bath,
lay down for a snooze.
But I want to canoe with you:
Aren't you glad we have ourselves canoes?

I want to canoe with you,
maybe we can find a place to float.
I want to canoe with you,
in our little human-powered boat.

The water's shallow here,
let's take a trip away.
My favorite time of year
is when we spend the day.
And I want to canoe with you;
I know I love you more than words can say.
Track Name: The Sun is Dying and I'm Killing It
Across this Earth is naught but filth and greed.
There’s only one direction it careens:
a single hot solution that we need,
a guardian we know that cooks and cleans.

Oh Sun! Oh Sun! I can make you soon expand,
and stop the gross putrescence that inhabits all our land!
I pray the day away for you to grow beyond compare,
to purge this wretched planet of its people, sky, and air.
And with your great explosion, rid the Earth of scum that’s filling it. The Sun is dying and I’m killing it.

I see no better irony in place:
it was the Sun that gave us life, and yet
there is no better way to end our race
than have the Sun for one last moment set.

Oh Sun! Oh Sun! Can you please engulf us soon?
Feel free to take the sea and rock, the animals and Moon.
Please take my words not as command, but guidance for the best (and if you want to do it now, well, you can be my guest).
I’ve tried to give the human race a chance but there’s no willing it. The Sun is dying and I’m killing it.
Track Name: Look Through Me (You Can Do That Now)
You used to say
“don’t be trash, don’t be a fool.”
But ever since
with the crash, I am so cool.
Flying around,
Cannot breathe, I’m hard to see.
I know you need
time to grieve, but look at me!

Look through me (you can do that now)
I’m in this tree (and I don’t know how)
I can feel! (they’re all crying, wow)
What’s the deal? (That I can’t allow)

Every person’s
going on, they’re sad,
but don’t you see
I’m not gone, it’s not that bad??
I give a wave,
acting odd, you wipe your face.
Am I not here?
Oh my God, what is this place?

Look through me (you can do that now)
I’m in this tree (and I don’t know how)
I can feel! (they’re all crying, wow)
What’s the deal? (That I can’t allow)
Track Name: One Thousand Days
Hello, my name is Marty,
and maybe you have seen
my username on Tumblr
is crocojim18.
Today is day one thousand,
I've been a busy man,
so here's some things that ain't the same
since when this thing began.

I used to be in high school,
it's right across the road.
I went to college right nearby
to stop a heavy load.
I got my first real job here,
I still am there today.
I'm almost done with my degree;
I went a different way.
I hang with different people,
I love them all to tears.
I have a different girlfriend:
next month it's been two years.

She pushes me to be my best,
she challenges my mind.
She backs me up when I need help,
the best girl you could find.
A love to get behind.

I constantly write poetry,
my verse has gotten tight.
I'm always making assets
for programs that I write.

So much has changed.
I'm rearranged.
I'm always getting better.
To old Marty,
that previous me,
I write this open letter.
Just do not stop,
don't let it drop,
your art is always cleaning.
It sure is hard,
but please stand guard!
It gives your life its meaning.

Everyday I make a thing,
that sometimes you might see,
and you might not think much of it,
but I would disagree.
The things I've made are wonderful,
it's changed my very soul.
1 K in, I'm going strong,
these things make me feel whole.

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